Abortion rights has been a real issue to both the Republicans and the Democrats. One claims that abortion laws that punish the woman looking to have an abortions saves tax payers money and is the correct way to go as in the other claims by taking away the law you give back rights to the woman. Also providing free contraceptives, education but also it lets other help save lives by trying to talk them out of the abortion but the choice is still theirs.

Our research has has led us to believe that abortion laws do not lower abortion and the result is the same for countries that have strict laws or not, except in the real poverty ares of the world where it seems to have increased. The advantage to the ones that provide legal abortions is the access to clean and safe clinics that saves lives of the women. In some cases legalizing abortion gives a chance for the family and/or loved ones and their religious leader to talk to them and help with better choices. And when having free access to contraceptives aloows to control some pregnancy from happening.